Coronavirus Announcement

The wellbeing of our people, those of our suppliers and the local communities is our highest priority. Like every other organisation we are striving to do everything we possibly can to support the Governments strategy to eradicate this virus and rebuild the economy.

We have continued to work closely with the Government via the Construction Leadership Council and our Professional Bodies to ensure the operation of our sites and projects are complying with the latest advice.

THE RT Hon KWASI KWARTENG MP – Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy letter to the Construction Industry

Our site operations are following the Construction Leadership Council’s agreed “Site Operating Procedures – Protecting your Workforce”. This includes measures to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Site Operating Procedures – Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19) V7 – 7th January 2021

We have completed and continually update our company Coronavirus Risk Assessment for Managing Coronavirus and this is supported by a Coronavirus Risk Assessment Check List;

Risk Assessment for Managing Coronavirus

Coronavirus Risk Assessment Check list

In addition to the overall Business Risk Assessment, we have adapted and prepared Risk Assessments for each of the specific working environments; Construction and outdoor work, Factories, plants and warehouses, Office and call centres, Other people’s homes and Vehicles.

We have implemented specific project related risk assessments and examples of our best practice risk mitigation measures are included in the examples below;

 Outcomes – Best Practice Examples 1 of 2

 Outcomes – Best Practice Examples 2 of 2

We also continue to have a significant proportion of our workforce, including those that were previously based on our sites, working from home.

We would like to thank all our people including our customers and suppliers for your enormous efforts in keeping our critical projects and services operational in support of the Government and NHS during these unprecedented times.

Osborne Coronavirus Core Incident Team