Customer & Quality Focus

Our customer promise is to deliver high quality work and services. Quality is incorporated within the design of our buildings and structures and then tightly controlled during construction. As a result, our customers experience a smooth transition from construction to operation, supported by a suite of accurate compliance records.

As a design and build specialist we welcome early collaboration with architects, designers and supply partners to create sustainable, whole life solutions aligned to customer aims. The latest industry thinking, emerging technology, low carbon and modern methods of construction are all embraced to improve quality.

We actively plan our work from the earliest stage to deliver our services, design and construction right first time. Proven suppliers, accurate resourcing and logistics are crucial. These are underpinned by our culture, which demands and supports high levels of quality performance. Our day-to-day management focus – supported by the attitude and commitment that we all bring to work every day – is to plan, measure and improve quality throughout all the life of the projects or services while gathering accurate data which evidence our work.

As a learning organisation we exploit evolving technologies and techniques. These help us learn quickly from past experience, develop our people and supply chain, and improve performance. Our people promote and share knowledge and ideas in a myriad of ways, including our specially developed Improvement Opportunity App (IO App). We are aiming to support the Government’s 2025 construction vision by continuously challenging our way of doing business.

“Quality and innovation secure the future success of our business and our people, ensuring we remain the best choice of our customers”

Andrew Osborne, Chairman

Quality Competence and People Development

We know that the quality of our people is central to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers. So we attract, develop and retain the very best. A strategic recruitment alliance, along with established links to universities and schools, provides consistency to the competency, diversity and behaviours of new people.

Once on board, people management is supported by a learning management system. The system ‘Your Learning’ allows individual access to competency assessments, training, upskilling and development, complete with accurate records. ‘Your Learning’ facilitates knowledge sharing within our business, across supply partners and with the other organisations we touch. This links to our core value of ‘Quality’ and our culture as a learning organisation.

Over the course of the next few years the way we think and operate will radically change. Our challenge is to harness the benefits of an increasingly diverse workforce, along with emerging technologies and working practices, to improve quality in everything we do.

Productivity and Quality Assurance

Planning, resourcing, lean and visual management, digital tools, controls and learning loops are applied to manage ‘right first time’ productivity. The Project Manager sets the culture and behaviours so that every person ‘Thinks Quality.’

Resourcing is matched to planned outputs, while open, honest daily productivity meetings review performance. Quality inspections and testing are fully documented and supported by our PIM Mobile App for efficient data recording. This ensures we are always learning from experience to prevent recurrence of any quality issues.

Digital Construction

As the world is transitioning to a more digital economy, our responsibility as a business is to develop a capable workforce that can deliver this transformational change in the next decade. We have an excellent opportunity to inspire our people to contribute to the change and reinvigorate the image of the construction industry.

Increasingly, digital tools improve the way we deliver projects. Tools range from simple communication Apps and systems through to specialist design software, manufacturing automation and cloud based systems, right up to cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence.

We embrace digital technology where it can directly improve customer outcomes.  That may be through:
●  Building Information Modelling (BIM);
●  Drones used for cloud point surveys and for monitoring structural movement;
●  Apps to improve data recording and analysis;
●  Virtual reality headsets to visualise methods.

BIM, standardisation and modern methods of construction are all ways that we influence the quality of design and construction.

Offsite Manufacturing

The demand for new-build structures is challenging the industry as we face a potential skills gap.  Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are advocated as the way forward.

Modular pods, panelised systems, sub-assemblies and components, volumetric construction, off-site fabrication and pre-assembly are all types of MMC. These can deliver greater precision and quality and save time. As a business we are seeking to exploit MMC for our customers within a controlled approach to delivering quality compliance.

Innovaré – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Osborne Group – supplies a unique insulated panel system – iSIP. We collaborate on many new builds. Their award-winning i-Specifier software personnalises the specification and design of SIP panels to meet individual requirements.

For our infrastructure customers, we specialise in offsite fabrication and offline pre-assembly. Rail/road operators and land developers benefit from innovative whole life solutions, which simplify bridge construction, and replacement.