Living With Covid

Life during Covid-19 has been a different and difficult time for many people.

Our Property Services team have been actively talking to residents, colleagues, clients and community partners to find out how they have managed during the pandemic, what challenges they may have faced, and what they have learned.

Property Services

Lola Hatmil, Resident

How has life during Covid been for you?

Walking and talking with friends and family in my local park has been a real lifesaver as we’re able to catch up on what’s going on in our lives at a suitable social distance and feel more human than would have been otherwise possible! And Zoom, of course, has also become life’s new ‘go-to’ for conveniently connecting to all across the entire world.

Did you learn any new skills during lockdown?

Being 100% supported in July through the brilliant Personal Development for Employment online course, managed by Slough Borough Council and Osborne. This provided an all-round improvement in my belief that I still possess tip-top ability and experience to benefit ANY future employment. True thanks to the coaches Bep Dhaliwa and Claire Giacobbe.

Did you face any challenges?

Not particularly. I wouldn’t say searching for full-time work again has been more of a challenge than if Covid hadn’t happened. My enthusiasm to remain positive and believe that the exact niche in the world of work exists;  to be handsomely rewarded in salary & benefits has never ever waned.

Eleanor, Resident

How has life during Covid been for you?

During this period my husband died, he was diagnosed with cancer and I cared for him at home End-of-Life Care. This I did day in and day out for a month with the help of my daughter, son in law and a private nurse. I cannot praise the NHS enough, for they provided everything to convert our lounge into a hospital room.

The second sadness I experienced was having to close my place of work in March. I miss my work as I care for a large group of disabled people. My usual work involves me being with them daily. I feel frustrated I cannot give them the support face-to-face which is how they best flourish.

How have you coped?

During the good weather, as well as working from home, I worked in by lovely garden.  Attempting jobs that, had my husband been alive, he would have carried out. I have had to learn many new things that formerly would not have been my concern. I have made many mistakes along the way. I’ve paid people with expertise to do the jobs I can’t, but my garden and home is back up to its high standard – I even gave myself a pat on the back.

I have tried to live one day at a time, trying to get through each day without anticipating the future. To be housebound, living alone for the first time in my life, not having human contact has been one of the hardest things. I have a very loving family but they all live in other parts of the country, the nearest being a 4 hour drive away. Contact even on the telephone is always a great help.

One true joy that keeps me focused is that my granddaughter produced a child on 2nd August  2020. He is my only great grandchild and I wonder how old Elijah, will be before I actually hold him in my arms.

The future is unsure, but I know I have many blessings, so I will continue to live one day at the time.

Patrick Manning, Resident

How has life during Covid been for you?

It has mainly been positive. I would prefer to spend time face to face with my daughters and grandchildren, but we talk on WhatsApp and Zoom frequently. I have had time to catchup on all the jobs I’ve been putting off.

Did you learn a new skills during lockdown?

I took an online course at Yale University – The Science of Wellbeing. The course lasted 10 weeks and was brilliant. I followed it with a course on Neuroplasticity which developed some of the concepts in the Yale University course. I then took a course in Stress Management which was incredibly helpful in dealing with the Covid-19 challenges.

I recently completed an Emory University course Weight Loss: Beyond Calories. This course introduced several concepts that have been vital to improving my physical wellbeing especially during the Covid 19 epidemic.

Did you face any challenges?

I have challenged myself to start a social enterprise, Active Weight Loss, with the objective of helping people lose weight successfully, sustainable and safely. It’s early days but very exciting. The Covid-19 lockdown has been positive for me.