Private Rented Sector (PRS)

Build to rent is an exciting and rapidly growing investment opportunity, including homes for private rent and retirement living. It brings the potential for better and more reliable financial returns than stocks and bonds and allows landowners to multiply and release the value locked up in their assets.

Investors and landowners alike seek the shortest and most reliable route between opportunity and financial return. Osborne offers a fully integrated service that spans land acquisition, design, planning, finance, build and operation. Working with a single expert partner that is a developer with full construction delivery capability simplifies the whole process, reducing risk, maximising the return and bringing forward revenues.

Purpose Build and Regeneration Projects

Osborne has delivered many build to rent schemes predominantly in the PBSA sector that have generated impressive financial returns for landowners and investors. Often these schemes act as a catalyst for regeneration, attracting further investment into an area.

Our construction expertise and innovation allows developments to happen even on constrained and hard to access sites that might otherwise seem unviable.

Construction and Maintenance Expertise

The design process is informed by our understanding of the latest construction methods and our property services expertise.

This understanding reduces the risks of cost and timing overruns while simplifying property management to ensure the best possible long-term financial return.

Innovation and Performance

Our approach is all about efficiency and simplicity, identifying the best solution for each individual site.

Osborne is experienced in deploying modern methods of construction, including panelised and volumetric offsite technologies. These methods reduce build times, increase certainty and ensure a high-quality outcome. Modern methods deliver projects rapidly and provide more assured building performance and quality.

A History of Collaboration

Bringing projects to fruition efficiently calls for a collaborative approach. Osborne has a successful track record of collaboration with landowners, local authorities and investors.

Collaborative approaches include flexibility over business structures. Projects are frequently delivered through joint ventures and partnerships. We keep an open mind – always seeking the relationship that represents the best value to all partners and stakeholders.

Focused on Solutions

Our flexible approach aims to get to the desired outcome by the most time and cost-effective route. We can quickly advise landowners and investors on site viability and potential planning issues. We work collaboratively with local authorities, financial institutions, communities and all other stakeholders to ensure that projects progress smoothly – from the design concept through to completion and operation.

At first sight it can seem like a complex pathway between seeing an opportunity and creating a valuable private rental asset. Our approach is to simplify that pathway and deliver the best outcome on your behalf.

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