Property Development & Investment

Osborne is a property developer with self-build capability. Both Private Rented Sector (PRS) and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) projects are delivered using an integrated process that maximises value and reduces risk:

  • Landowners have a simpler way to release the value locked up in undeveloped or underdeveloped assets.
  • The self-delivery capability means there are fewer organisations seeking to make a margin, so projects are cost and time-efficient.

Customers enjoy a comprehensive service that spans land identification and acquisition, design, planning, finance and build. There’s also a maintain and operate option for asset owners who want to be completely hands-off.

Long-Term Value Creation

Creativity and innovation deliver superior value throughout the development lifecycle – from design through to operation and maintenance.

Developments are shaped around user needs and local market dynamics to maximise occupancy rates. And experience with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) ensures efficient project delivery along with excellent levels of product quality and performance.

Our impressive portfolio of successful PBSA and emerging BTR developments demonstrates the value of having a single experienced development partner to work with. Communications are simple and there’s a single-minded determination to deliver the maximum financial return from the developed assets.

Student Accommodation (PBSA)

The Osborne PBSA development model is all about eliminating risk and maximising value. At every stage of the process, our customers have one partner to oversee the entire project from strategic planning through to operational readiness.

Our customers benefit from our detailed understanding of land values based on use. Together with our knowledge of the factors that drive long-term demand and rental values this ensures that the right assets are created in the right places.

Private Rented Sector (PRS)

Build to rent is an exciting and rapidly growing investment opportunity, including homes for private rent and retirement living. It brings the potential for better and more reliable financial returns than stocks and bonds and allows landowners to multiply and release the value locked up in their assets.

Investors and landowners alike seek the shortest and most reliable route between opportunity and financial return. Osborne offers a fully integrated service that spans land acquisition, design, planning, finance, build and operation. Working with a single expert partner that is a developer with full construction delivery capability simplifies the whole process, reducing risk, maximising the return and bringing forward revenues.