As an organisation, we recognise that to continuously improve our safety, health and environmental performance, everyone representing the Group must take individual ownership when they see things that could be improved. This is implicit in our journey to a generative and inclusive culture. We are committed to ensuring that everyone who works with and for us goes home safe every day.

We have a dedicated Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) professional team committed to providing a great working environment for everyone who interacts with Osborne, whether they be customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers or members of the public.


Through the highest level of safe and sustainable performance, we will minimise our impact on the environment, we will protect the safety, health and wellbeing of every person affected by our works, and we will ensure everyone goes home safely to their families every day.

“The degree of commitment to site safety and welfare remains exceptional. The site really is a talisman for best practice, and the site management are to be applauded”
CCS Auditor at Chamberlain Halls


We operate a telephone Safety Hotline reporting system for all health, safety and environmental incidents.

All our businesses have formal Health & Safety management systems, and we are proud that we continue to be certified to ISO45001.

Our cultural change programme Stop Think! introduced in 2012,continues to grow and develop throughout our business.

An Improvement Opportunity (IO) App is used to capture near misses, close calls and business improvement ideas which are reviewed by IO panels to share learning.

Health and Wellbeing

It is extremely important to us that our people are healthy, happy and maintain a well-balanced work life.  Our focus is on enhancing health and well-being through informed healthy lifestyle choices to prevent illness.  However where illness occurs we provide varying levels of support together with provision of free AXA PPP Healthcare.

Recognising the impact mental health has on wellbeing we are working with ‘Mind’ the ‘Samaritans’ and ‘Mental Health First Aid England’ to help raise awareness through the Health in Construction Leadership Group and the industry wide ‘Mates in Mind’ campaign.


The construction sector can have wide-ranging environmental impacts. These include; producing carbon emissions (which may exacerbate climate change); resource use; air, water and ground pollution and biodiversity depletion. At Osborne we use our environmental management system to identify our impacts and we work with our supply chain to reduce or mitigate them.  By positively influencing design and specification we can reduce the operating impacts of the buildings and infrastructure we build.

Using the BREEAM sustainability assessment methodology ensures we select options that reduce resource use over their lifecycle and choose responsibly sourced materials. Our standard construction site set-up  includes: energy and water efficient cabins that are powered through hybrid or renewable energy where possible. We also prioritise waste segregation to promote re-use and recycling, as well as supporting green infrastructure (such as green hoarding, bug hotels and wild flower plantings) to increase biodiversity on sites.

Accreditations and Memberships

We value the support provided by specialist safety, health, wellbeing and environmental organisations. Verification of our systems and processes combined with a cycle of plan, do check and act ensures we keep abreast of the latest requirements and innovative approaches to deliver the best outcomes for our Customers and our People.