Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Design-In Value, Design-Out Risk

High-quality Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) supports the growth and prosperity of Higher Education institutions in many ways:

  • Attracting more and better-quality applications
  • Meeting accommodation pledges to new students
  • Potentially releasing obsolete accommodation for redevelopment
  • Maximising the value of land assets

The Osborne PBSA development model is all about eliminating risk and maximising value. At every stage of the process, our customers have one partner to oversee the entire project from strategic planning through to operational readiness.

Our customers benefit from our detailed understanding of land values based on use. Together with our knowledge of the factors that drive long-term demand and rental values this ensures that the right assets are created in the right places.

Having identified the opportunity, Osborne brings all the elements needed for a successful outcome together, including design, planning, funding and delivery. We can also take the facility operation in house to ensure the highest standards of student experience and improve the investment return.

Over 5,400 student accommodation units have been completed or are in the course of development.

Projects include direct let schemes targeting demand in a specific location and accommodation developed in direct partnership with a university or college.

Our approach delivers maximum certainty. Our partners never feel bogged down in unnecessary details or caught in the middle of communications and the competing priorities of diverse partners.

Our solutions even include a simple but effective way to free up more land for development by rationalising the space given over to parking. Adding a modular deck to some of your parking can release other areas without reducing, or even increasing the overall capacity. Watch the short animation for more on this latest solution.

“Osborne went the extra mile to accommodate students at the start of the new term, meeting our requirements and keeping us fully informed throughout the whole process.  We are exceptionally pleased with the end result”
Tommy Geddes MBE, University of Winchester

Current Developments

Take a look at some of our current accommodation and student housing developments across the UK.

The Student Experience

Osborne works closely with academic institutions to understand the features and performance that need to be built into new accommodation. Through partnership working we design and deliver exceptional internal and external environments that meet the needs of students and institutions, from bedrooms and kitchens through to common rooms and outside spaces.

The methods and materials employed ensure that new accommodation is easy to maintain, and inexpensive to heat.


Osborne has implemented funding solutions for projects through a variety of structures including joint ventures and partnerships. Our strong financial standing and cash resources coupled with agile decision making enables us to respond quickly when opportunities arise.

The structure may be a simple ‘soft’ nomination agreement supporting a direct let scheme, a long-term reversionary lease or an off-balance sheet stock transfer providing a capital receipt. Osborne experts will guide you through the financial options using our experience and strong relationships with some of the key institutional funders in the market.

Portfield Chichester

Land Acquisition & Planning

Osborne has a highly experienced team of surveyors with an enviable track record in rapid identification of suitable development sites. The combined development, design and build capability simplifies the process, allowing projects to go ahead that otherwise might not happen.

Our schemes in Winchester, Southampton and Cambridge all brought vacant or underused brownfield sites back to life, which often acts as a catalyst for further local investment.

Design & Build

Whatever is designed must be easy to build and efficient to operate and maintain. Decisions made during concept design can impact on quality, cost and time at every stage of the process.

Our self-build capability uses the most efficient modern construction techniques to eliminate the cost and timing uncertainties and design compromises that come with traditional approaches.

Informed design, quality products and efficient construction result in a student living space that is available when needed, welcoming and easy to maintain.

Student Housing Developers

Offsite Construction

Certainty over completion is essential when timings are tied to the academic calendar. Manufacturing building components offsite saves time and brings greater dependability to the programme. The precision of factory-made components also brings reliability over build quality and building performance.

Osborne works closely with our supply chain partners to identify opportunities for innovation during the construction phase.

See more information at:  www.innovaresystems.co.uk

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