Student Accommodation

In a competitive educational environment, Osborne recognises the importance of good quality accommodation in supporting the strategic goals of academic institutions. Student recruitment, retention and satisfaction can all be influenced by the living experience.

We aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners based upon a genuine understanding of their business.

Whether it’s a direct let scheme targeting demand in a specific location or one developed in direct partnership with a university or college, as student housing developers Osborne has the skills and experience to manage the development of new student accommodation from the strategic planning stages through to operational readiness.

We work with existing land holdings (and landowners), and identify and acquire suitable new sites. We then undertake detailed design, secure planning consent, structure funding arrangements and carry out the build phase using our in-house construction division.

Over 3,400 student accommodation units have been completed or are in the course of development. Our in-house team supports every stage of student housing construction through to maintaining the building stock.

We can also take the facility operation in house to ensure the highest standards of student experience and optimise the investment return.

“Osborne went the extra mile to accommodate students at the start of the new term, meeting our requirements and keeping us fully informed throughout the whole process.  We are exceptionally pleased with the end result”
Tommy Geddes MBE, University of Winchester

Current Developments

Take a look at some of our current accommodation and student housing developments across the UK.

The Student Experience

Increasingly, student experience and satisfaction are the truly valuable indicators of how successful investment in new buildings has been, not just the short term financials. That holds true for student accommodation as much as a new academic building or library.


Traditionally, purpose built student accommodation was provided by academic institutions using their own land and funded through borrowing or capital reserves. This model exposes institutions to planning, design and construction risks. It also ties up resources which may be better deployed elsewhere.

More innovative ways of approaching project funding have been developed, mainly taking advantage of the private sector’s growing willingness to invest in student housing development.

Portfield Chichester

Land Acquisition & Planning

Unless land suitable for new student accommodation development is already controlled, identifying and acquiring suitable land can present a challenge. Osborne has a highly experienced team of surveyors with an enviable track record in site identification and assembly.

In many cases Osborne has identified land (or existing buildings) and negotiated their acquisition to bring forward new student development. Our schemes in Winchester, Southampton & Cambridge all brought vacant or underused brownfield sites back to life, which often acts as a catalyst for further investment in the locality.

Design & Build

Excellent buildings result from informed design that flows into efficient construction and ultimately into operation and maintenance. Decisions made during concept design can impact on quality, cost and time at every stage of the process so it is essential to engage specialist services at the earliest opportunity.

We work in close partnership with educational institutions to fully understand the specific requirements and develop design solutions that incorporate the most efficient modern construction techniques. Close collaboration mitigates many of the usual ‘hard’ discussions on the risk of inferior design solutions and products associated with a traditional approach to D&B contracts.

Student Housing Developers

Offsite Construction

The offsite manufacture of building components brings time savings and dependability to the programme – essential when timings must be tied to the academic calendar. Greater consistency and quality are also ensured.

At Osborne we work closely with our supply chain partners to identify opportunities for innovation during the construction phase. We incorporate those for the benefit of all project stakeholders.

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