The Student Experience

Increasingly, student experience and satisfaction are the truly valuable indicators of how successful investment in new buildings has been, not just the short term financials. That holds true for student accommodation as much as a new academic building or library.

Osborne has a track record and ethos of working closely with universities and other academic institutions to deliver high quality facilities that are carefully designed, well constructed and focused on enhancing the residential experience. This is at the forefront of our minds when designing the internal and external environment, from bedrooms and kitchens through to common rooms and outside spaces.  We spend time getting all the elements right.

Living spaces designed and delivered which reflect the wide range of student aspirations.

The needs of students in a city centre environment will look and feel different to those of, say, an agricultural student in a rural location. By building strong relations we really try and get under the skin of the client brief and design buildings that reflect what the end users really need.

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