Our transport infrastructure customers must manage increasing capacity needs with ever reducing capital and operational budgets. We have responded to this challenge by improving productivity and value.

We look beyond effective contracting to deliver wider performance and efficiency gains for our customers and their key stakeholders (including their public and freight user clients), through better planning, process and management.

We help customers drive down the high costs and excessive timescales associated with traditional infrastructure procurement approaches. By focusing on best value rather than lowest cost, our customers are realising the productivity and value gains of thinking and working differently in their approach to infrastructure contracting.

A more aligned procurement model can deliver project, time and personnel savings of between 10 – 20%. Greater affordability and better planning is enabling customers to achieve considerably more within available budgets as well as delivering quicker infrastructure asset utilisation.

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Osborne recognises the critical importance of maximising capacity and keeping passengers and freight moving. Close working partnerships and early engagement allow greater scope for using innovative methods, materials and technology to maximise capacity without compromising productivity, safety or delivery timescales.

By working more collaboratively with our customers to deliver solutions that go beyond the physical delivery of the project we:

  • Reduce project costs and timescales through streamlined procurement processes.
  • Achieve 10-20% potential life cycle cost savings and quicker less disruptive delivery through single source frameworks.
  • Reduce project risks with rail interface.
  • Deliver impact assessments where highways and rail intersect.
  • Minimise the impact on the travelling public and freight through a combination of engineering and planning expertise.
  • Improve project development and communication.
  • Improve whole life asset management.
  • Plan and manage asset interventions to deliver reduced lifetime management costs.

Technical expertise combined with small team structures ensures customers benefit from more agile working practices and greater control and certainty. BIM modelling is used extensively to optimise input from the complete design, technical, delivery and asset data and records.

In addressing the challenges of maintaining and improving the value and resilience of the transport infrastructure, we recognise the critical importance of maximising capacity and keeping passengers and freight moving.


Planning, sharing knowledge, stakeholder management and environmental mitigation are essential to deliver infrastructure projects that meet the exacting demands of cost and time predictability, smooth operational transition and minimal disruption to the public.

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Our open, collaborative partnering approach has enabled Osborne to step up to the challenges  of achieving greater efficiency, safety and reliability of delivery.

Our customers have come to rely on our combination of construction skills, project management and good communication. Excellent working relationships and trust help them meet complex and demanding programme constraints while benefiting from consistent on time delivery, with reduced costs and risks.

Transport Hubs & Parking

While stations and hubs can be purely functional, they can also be architecturally designed spaces which act as a focal gateway to support urban regeneration. Osborne has an impressive portfolio of railway station and multi-modal transport hubs and car parking solutions for rail operators and public and private sector customers.

Transport Infrastructure Careers

With a wide variety of job opportunities available across Osborne Infrastructure, we build the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be in terms of your career. We understand that a job is not just a job, and that’s why we’re dedicated to developing career opportunities for our employees.

Transport Infrastructure Resource Centre

Our resource centre contains a range of articles and information on industry news and addresses the challenges of maintaining and improving the value and resilience of the transport infrastructure in a more cost-effective and sustainable way.