Planning, sharing knowledge, stakeholder management and environmental mitigation are essential to deliver highway construction projects that meet the exacting demands of cost and time predictability, smooth operational transition and minimal disruption to the public.

Osborne sits on several highways frameworks including the CDF framework for Highways England. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a defect-free result delivered on time with minimum disruption.

“I find the service given to be top class because Osborne understand Highways England priorities” – Stephen Edwards, Regional Performance Manager, Highways England

"Many thanks to you and the whole team for hosting our visit on Christmas Day. It was really fascinating to see the attention to detail, the excellent layout of the site and the good spirit and morale among the team. Brilliant! I was delighted to travel over the bridge this morning and to see the results of all your hard work. Well done to you all and thank you for your dedication and professionalism."

Delivering Better Outcomes

We all face global economic and industry change of an unprecedented scale and speed.  The only real certainty in all this is uncertainty!

It has never been more important that all our people have the ability to work outside of their comfort zones in less than certain environments. We all need to learn openly from every event and share that knowledge as widely as possible across the industry. No single individual, team or organisation is infallible.

Smart Roads

Working with our highways customers we design and install infrastructure solutions that monitor road conditions and communicate ‘live’ information to road users. These new technologies actively manage traffic flow to increase road capacity without widening.

Comprehensive Asset Surveys provide the ‘as-built’ data needed for fully informed designs. Early consultation and collaborative planning with stakeholders and suppliers smooths the transition through design approval, construction and operational handover for gantries, masts, solar panels, and associated M&E that connects communication and lighting systems.


From simple repairs and strengthening to highly complex road/rail bridge replacements, clever ideas and meticulous planning are central to success.  Through a seamless integration with the customer’s team, we develop rail, road and water crossings and ‘Access for All’ solutions that meet operational needs and are sensitive to stakeholders and the wider community.

Safe Cycle Routes

Cycle routes play an increasingly important role in our transport infrastructure. Providing more safe cycle routes will help the nation become fitter and reduce traffic congestion. This will improve air quality and make our towns and cities more pleasant to live in. The benefits are potentially huge, including reduced incidences or respiratory disease and other health issues associated with low levels of physical activity. Osborne has a wealth of experience in solving the practical challenges of expanding the network of safe cycle routes. These include integrating routes with other modes of transport, experience of working in live road and rail environments, and expertise in installing bridges and overpasses so that routes can pass safely across highways and rail lines.

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