Modular Car Parks

With parking spaces becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, of critical importance to local authorities, NHS and Rail customers is the provision of efficient and cost-effective parking facilities. With restrictions around development land and budgets, many are looking for parking solutions that are flexible enough to utilise existing space that also help to increase revenue.

Through a joint venture partnership with innovative modular car park developer Siderpark, we can offer customers a simple way to generate additional income and manage demand most efficiently.

We have built projects for our local authorities, Rail and NHS customers, providing them with flexible end-to-end solutions to increase parking capacity and release land for development.

Our no-foundation, modular steel framed solution provides the flexibility to add a single-storey parking deck to vacant land or extend existing level parking by adding an additional deck. Designed for easy and rapid installation, its portability ensures much greater flexibility than traditional car parks as the system can be easily uninstalled and relocated to meet changing customer requirements, providing significant logistical and cost advantages over some other market solutions. The high quality, highly durable componentry provides 20 years maintenance free parking.

Finance options are available if required, we can offer a fully funded option to design, supply, erect, operate and maintain the parking facility without any capital expenditure from our customers. Fully automated facilities can be integrated and designed around the user experience, with additional revenue opportunities including a range of subsidies such as PV panels to generate excess energy to sell back to the grid, and EV charging points for users. We can even offer rental solutions that offer a temporary increase in parking capacity.

Find out more in our case study: Demountable Modular Car Parks – A Speedy, Sustainable, Space Saving Solution

Modular Car Park Resource Centre

Our resource centre contains information on Modular Car Parks and the benefits they offer over traditional solutions. Once you sign up to access the resource centre content you will find information on:

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Free up land used for parking for development

As the demands on the health service continue to increase, it is important for Trusts and other providers to ensure they have the infrastructure to cope with the peaks. Adding modular decks to existing car parking space can be a very efficient and cost-effective way to free up more land to develop facilities, giving the flexibility to create specialist isolation hubs, to keep the main hospital buildings operating normally or simply to expand capacity.

The foundationless car park structure makes it easy and quick to install on a temporary or permanent basis.

See how the modular car parks are constructed

The modular system, deployed in conjunction with our specialist car park partner, Siderpark, is erected on top of the existing parking, needing no foundations and making it simple and quick to build.

The structure can be developed in stages to enable you to release additional space in stages to bring it into operation earlier without disrupting the rest of the build programme or having to wait until it is complete. The video shows how the process works and how it is possible to add EV charging points and Solar PV to help offset the running costs.