Multi-Storey Car Parks

With the race for parking spaces increasing, customers are looking for efficient multi-storey car parking solutions that accommodate specific design and logistic requirements while enhancing end user experience.

We have designed and built multi-storey car parks for our Rail, Local Authority and NHS customers. Through early engagement we offer the full range of professional services from conception to completion. A full understanding of the requirements and constraints can deliver a parking solution that considers the whole life and uses modern methods of construction and a smooth transition into operation. Where a car park is adjacent or over the operational railway, we are experienced to meet Network Rail’s exacting design and construction approval and safety requirements.

Our modular car parking solution can be used to create a MSCP solution up to 3 storeys high. Where this option is not feasible, we work closely with customers to develop a tailored solution that fully considers parking space maximisation and accommodates budget and location constraints.

Through our extensive experience of working adjacent to the railway and roads, we can deliver temporary or permanent MSCP solutions for any environment that reduces short-term impact and fully considers budgets, timescales, bespoke design requirements and end-user experience.

Why not take a look at our case study to find out more? Multi-Storey Car Park Solutions – Satisfying Customers And Generating Revenue