Transport Hubs

Accessible, efficient and sustainable multi-modal transport hubs play a key role in creating a gateway for towns and cities to thrive and allowing local areas and businesses to fully achieve their potential.

In the initial stages of concept design, we fully consider passenger need as well as local authority and transport operator requirements. We understand that easily accessible, safe transport infrastructure can help passengers to carry out their journeys quickly and efficiently. Local authorities require effective design solutions that meet a range of criteria, including accessibility and quality requirements as well as tight budget and time constraints.

The facilities in and around transport hubs can also be a point of destination for many, therefore careful consideration of passenger flow and access to these facilities is integral to the initial planning and design stage.

Our multi-disciplinary teams take a collaborative approach to fully understand the aspirations and constraints to identify innovative added value solutions. We marry the architectural concept, the design and the construction into a vision that is safe and efficient to construct while fulfilling the concept brief.

At ‘The Hard’ multi-modal transport hub for Portsmouth City Council, the team worked with the architect and engineers to value engineer the design to meet tight budget constraints. The result was a flagship building that retained its visual integrity and delivered against cost.